The start of something.

Hi there!

I suppose it’s a little weird to write this as if someone else is reading, but I guess eventually (once the fear wears off), someone might.  In the past few months my son

Heart me some stairs, I do!

Heart me some stairs, I do!

FINALLY started to sleep through the night.  After almost a year of three to four wake-ups per night.  It turns out some babies stop demanding to nurse every time they stir if you stop offering.  And then they start to just roll over and accept that there’s no point in putting up a fuss when they wake up in the middle of the night.  I’ve felt free to spend my time after he’s in bed lately resuming some of my favorite hobbies – sewing and cooking.  I use Feedly to read a ridiculous number of sewing and cooking blogs for inspiration and the projects/recipes have really started to back up during his first year of life.  Is there a limit to how many things I can save for later?

I’ve been feeling like it would be nice to have a place to share what I’m (finally!) able to accomplish now that my baby is a toddler.  We won’t talk about how rare it is for me to have a night free of grading & planning to find time for sewing, but I have been attempting to cook two meals each week from my saved file.  I’m not planning to do that whole I-cook-food-and-take-delicious-looking-photos thing here.  My photos would never measure up to those that tempted me to try out the recipe in the first place and I’m not in the habit of coming up with my own recipes.  If I come across something really tasty, I might suggest you make your way over to Pinch of YumSkinnytaste or Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, though.

I’d mostly like to use this space to share the things I’m sewing, and where I found the tutorials or patterns for them.  I’m kind of frugal, so I haven’t really bought any patterns.  I use a lot of free tutorials online and I’ve tried a few PDF patterns from some bloggers (MADEMade by RaeMake it and Love it), which is helping me with the transition to actually spending money on them.  Smart of them to provide a few free patterns so we can trust the paid patterns will work!  I also have a copy of Growing Up Sew Liberated, but I haven’t sewn anything from it.  You know when you’re pregnant and you have all these lofty goals for before the baby arrives?  I was not an experienced sewer then and have only started making clothes in the last two months, so I’ll get to this book soon, I hope!  Another goal I have is to try a quilt.

I’ll be diving in for the next few posts about what I’ve made since January.  And… hopefully I’ll post again before the month is up. Thanks for reading!